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Hello I am Daniel Rojas. Welcome to my online cave.

I am based in Costa Rica. Currently working as a Manager for Data and AI for a Big 4. I have been working in tech for the past 12 years, from startups to global companies.

I’ve interviewed 100+ candidates and hired a lot of them. I’ve put together everything I have learned about how someone can become a Data Engineer. Five years of interviewing and hiring are distilled in this course: Getting hired as a Data Engineer

Writing online has been one of my hobbies for almost 10 years now. My best articles so far:

I wrote a book about the things I wished I knew when I was starting at my first job. I think this would be a great book for anyone starting on tech.

My interests are located in different domains.

  • Lessons I’ve learned working in tech. Hope that will make someone’s life easier.
  • Finding meta-skills that help me perform better at my job and enjoy it more. Like meditation, Alexander Technique, and building personal systems.
  • Writing about Data and AI. My day-to-day job.

You can find me on twitter.