Say hello to everyone

Sounds like something obvious, but it is one of the first things people forget. Say hello, be nice, it’s really simple. When I say everyone, it’s everyone. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big company or a little one.

This advice it’s not intended to help you become Miss Universe or something like that, the idea is you are probably going to need someone help on the future. I’m not talking technical help, I’m talking about help like: How can I find Bruce? How can I have access to the office really early on a Sunday?

Never thing yourself bigger or better than anyone. Doesn’t matter if it’s the janitor, the security guard… These people have a lot of knowledge and know a lot of things the others employees don’t know. They are not deaf or blind, the opposite of this, they hear a lot and they see a lot.

Your mission will always be learn, learn a lot and learn from everybody. There’s a lot of information available. How was the last re-org? Why is Mark always in a bad mood? How do people get parking spaces? To get these information: Be nice, talk to everyone and ask questions.

Also be humble. Chances are you are going to grow in your organization. Don’t be fool, treat everyone right. You will probably also fall sometime. Don’t judge, specially people you don’t know. That little guy you didn’t treat right might become someone powerful in the organization. Or you might need help from him.

You can start gathering information with a easy first step: Say hello to everyone.


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