Change Point

Change is always something hard to anyone. Doesn’t matter how many books you have read or how many talks you have attended, it’s always hard.

But sometimes change is for good. Sometimes you need to change. In most cases, changes happen to us. But you can master the change and choose to change, to be better.

A change point it’s when you innovate. When you change in a big way how are you making stuff. Innovation it’s not easy, but it’s always a step ahead.

There are lots of books that talk about innovation and also there are college courses about this. People tend to read about Steve Jobs or Ellon Musk, and hope to start innovating almost immediately.

I have a little advice. To innovate just try to remember the rules you are playing with. This means start thinking about the limits and boundaries. In a business it can be the legal boundaries, the money boundaries, people boundaries… Once you have a good idea about the size of your playing field, think how to make really different what you are doing. Try to use the whole field. This can seem a little abstract, but once you live an example I think you can relate to it.

Sometimes the boundaries are in your head. Read at least twice all the rules you are playing with. Ask someone to read them for you. Then do things different. It’s really important to do things different trying to get better results. If you do things different just for doing things different, I think you a are not going to have a good time.

Sometimes we try to perfect what we are doing. We try to get better everyday, but doing the same. And that’s good. The thing is you can spend years trying to perfect something, and the results are just going to get slightly better. But when you innovate, you are in another league and your results too.

One of my favorite examples, my former boss told me, it’s about trying to break a wall. You can start banging your head. Bring some friends, do more banging, you can keep bringing friends and friends. This can keep going for ever. Then one day, somebody brings a bazooka. One crazy guy can break more walls in a day than the other guys in a year.

Maybe the example was a bit too much. But thing about the tools you use, the tools you don’t know. Who says you can’t use a bazooka? (Just kidding). Who says the solution is to bring more people ready to break the wall using only their heads?



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