What keeps you going?

It happens almost all the time. Doesn’t matter if it’s easy or hard. Whatever you’re doing, you’re going to think about keep going or stop. Sometimes you may make up cool excuses. And if you keep repeating those excuses, they may seem real: Is this even worth it? This seems stupid. I thought I liked it, but now I am not sure.

Have you heard those excuses? Have you thought this about yourself, about what you are doing? I have. Sometimes. And it’s hard to explain the difference of these excuses in a startup and a day job. I have lived both side of the excuses. I had a theory about a certain relationship between these excuses and the low point in what you do. But, I don’t think these are dangerous. Because it’s pretty normal to think these stuff when you’re screwing up.

The dangerous excuses are the ones that pop up in the middle of a normal day. You’re just working and then: BAM! You start thinking about what are you doing, you start dreaming about millions of other cool stuff you could be doing. You start thinking about the greener grass on the other side of the fence. I fear that these excuses can keep growing and start changing your mind. Don’t.

I don’t think the low points are dangerous for your job/startup. Because when you are in a low point you start to fight back. Your survival instinct comes up and you do incredible stuff to keep yourself alive. The hard times is when you’re coasting. When everything is normal. You’re not growing, you’re just there.

I think those moments, coasting, are the ones where it’s hard to keep going. Think about it. Time seems to run slower. When you’re in a crisis, time flies, you hope the day had 24 hours more. The same happens when you’re in good times. You just can’t enjoy all the good times. When it’s in the middle, the days are longer.

I try to keep going. Sometimes I quit, sometimes I change, but I try always to keep going. I try to start only things I love and believe in. I think a lot when starting something. Then I try to remember all that stuff when I am making excuses.

Maybe there are thousands pieces of advice about how to keep on going. But I think it’s simple. Keep on going. Leave the excuses for later. Almost all the excuses vanish one or two days later. If the excuse keep on coming, think about it. But I doubt it.

Remember why you are doing this. Maybe tomorrow is going to be your big breakthrough. You never know.


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