One of my worst mistakes at my day job

I am sure you have heard it. Execution is everything. Ideas are worthless, it’s all about execution. Sounds easy. But sometimes it can be very confusing. Sometimes you execute a lot, but you don’t get the expected results.

Don’t get me wrong. One of the problems about the execution is that you do nothing. That’s the best problem you can have with execution. Because you can solve it very easy. Just do! Stop thinking about it, do! I have seen this problem. It’s kinda funny to talk with the person having the problem and listen him talk. He talks a lot. But you may find out, he’s doing nothing.

The hard problem, the awful problem. It’s when you’re doing thousands things a day. You don’t even have time to sleep. You’re just working, working and working. Seems like a easy recipe for success. But in the end, the results don’t work out. You may think is luck. You may think we are all playing a big game. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.

But the truth is, you’re not doing the right things. I’ve been there. I have worked a lot, and ended up with the “wrong” results. Notice the “”. That’s one of the hardest part. You just rewrote the app from C++ to Ruby on Rails on a weekend and your boss wants to kill you. It’s hard to understand. You just have made the impossible possible, and he’s screaming at you?

Think about it. Maybe that task was the one you liked. But maybe it wasn’t so important. Congrats, you’re a Ruby Wizard, but maybe all you needed to do was write some specs for the future features. Maybe that was what your boss wanted. There’s a whole debate about tactic and strategy. You can read countless books and attend seminars about this. Choosing what to do it’s and art, not all of us can’t figure out.

Remember your goals. What are you trying to do? Starting a business or showing the world nobody can write Ruby like you? I know, I love those technical tasks that seem going to the moon like a piece of cake. But think about your time, think about where you’re going. Are you going forward? Or are you happy making infinite circles?

I have found a little trick. Ask. Communicate. Tell your boss. It’s not micromanage. You are not a moron. Make it a conversation, a story. Tell him what you’re planning. Tell him about the decision you have to make. He may have some good insights.

Take a minute today. Think about what you’re doing. Does it have an impact? Could you be doing something different? Is the goal nearer?


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