Change of direction

Everything seems fine. Even when you’re coasting, things are working well. If we could just fast forward one or two years, we’re on the road to success. Or not?

Sometimes you feel you’re not working at the desired speed. Maybe quality it’s not great. Maybe we are running like crazy goats, hoping that in one of all the possible combinations we’re going to end profitable. Have you lost control?

Maybe you need a change of direction. It’s not that sudden. You don’t feel it almost immediately. You start looking at some signs. Things could be better. There are changes you are delaying. Some managers do it just for fun. Don’t be that guy. Experience help a lot. Maybe you start feeling something has changed and you need to change. Or maybe things are too quiet, time to rock the jungle.

A change of direction has to be for better. Doesn’t need to be the biggest change in the world, but must be important. I could seem little to your teammates at the time. But in your brain. In your strategic side. You are foreseeing something bigger. You could be preparing for something or you need to change, because if we don’t change, we die.

Make an early meeting. Drop politics. Tell the change. Be direct. Tell what’s wrong. How are we going to fix it. The change must be implemented right now, immediately. If you give the chance of second thoughts, it’s never going to happen. People are going to cry, sorry.

Be the first to change. Drive at full speed to change. Then hope for the best.

Try not to use too much this tool. If you keep changing direction it’s going to look like the inmates are running the asylum.

Want to start using Extreme Programming? Change direction. Tired of bad code? Change directon. Want to be profitable? Change direction.


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