Outsourcing poker

Everybody is familiar with the outsourcing concept. You have a task, difficult or easy, and you ship it to another country. You hope somebody finds some people who can talk english and complete your task. We’ve seen this in software development, graphic design, building stuff and on and on. Recently I heard about poker.

It surprised me when I heard there was a place, where they make you improve and let you play online poker. Yes, they give you money and play. If you lose, no big deal, if you win then split the prize. That was interesting, but what was mind-shocking was the way they played. Several tables at a time. For me, that was the key aspect. What if you could play several tables at a time? In life.

Some people would think, I would win all the tables, at the same time. That would make me invincible. Others could say, I would lose a lot of tables at a time. I think the key is, your learn fast. You may win some or lose some. But guess what, if you do it for several days, you would gain a lot of experience.

This blog is not about poker, I know. But what if you try little different ideas at a time. We all have 24 hours a day. Sometimes we spend countless hours playing videogames or spending time with people we don’t like. If you could try little different ideas (you can call it startups, but could be anything) you will learn faster.

I am trying to do that. My startup journey has being long. Guess what? We haven’t launched. But there are other little projects that are starting to work out. They are no big behemoths, and they are not ambitious. Just little ideas that were sold before built.


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