How to get lucky

Luck is kind of a mistery. Haters love luck. They think it’s the only reason you are doing great. They use it as a excuse. They think you got lucky and that’s it. You have that job, or you own that car because of luck. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s pure luck. But most of the time it’s something else. A lot of people talk about controlling your luck, the first thing you imagine is sorcery and witchcraft, it’s not about that.

People say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. It is a simple definition, too simple for some. You can control preparation, it’s up to you. Opportunities come and go. Based in this definition, you just prepare and wait. That’s it, you’re lucky. I would recommend look for opportunities, not just wait.

What happens if I prepare and the opportunity never comes? That’s a really weird case, it could happen. But it is really weird. The normal thing to happen is, opportunity comes and you’re not prepared. That is the worst thing to happen, because what you could have controlled (preparation), you didn’t do it.

When you see great things happening to someone, you could think about luck. Or you could think he has been preparing himself for this things. Always think about the past, there is a lot of the story you don’t know.

Another thing you can control is location and timing. You choose where you are and when you are. Sometimes this does magic for you. Be near the opportunities. Opportunities are not inside your house, you have to get out and look for it.

It’s really weird, but things will eventually fall into place. This stupid work you are doing today, could help you tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to let it flow. Things change, the ones you can control and the ones you can’t. When you look back you might be amazed how all connected together.

Prepare yourself, opportunities will come.


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