A simple test to know when you need to follow another leader

First things first, I hope you never need this test. I hope you have a long and happy career and you always love working with your boss. Although by simple probability, this might not happen. There is a big chance that you end up working with somebody you don’t like or worse, you might complete opposites and have a different set of values.

Given that this happens at some point in your career, it brings a very interesting crossroads. This might not be only negative, it could be a chance to work on your versatility, communications skills or just your ability to push through difficult times. But there is a point where it would just be too much. A bad leader can damage your life, your career and you can end up not liking a job that you loved in the past.

How to know when you are learning and when you should look for a different direction (new job, new team, new life)? I found this simple test quite useful. Imagine you and your boss have a lot of success, you destroy all the company goals, you have a great year and you make a dent in the universe. After you imagined that, ask yourself the following question: Do you want to be with him in that position?

I told you the test was simple, interpreting the results might be more complicated. This simple question can help you think how different are you from your boss, if huge success still sounds like a bad idea, you might want to revisit the idea of asking to work with someone else. This could also help you understand if you and your boss are just going through a rough patch.


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