Which programming language should you learn on this quarantine?

I recently had a conversation with a group of college students about if they should learn R or Python. This might be a ML/AI kind of question although the possible answers apply to different areas of Computer Science. How do you choose between studying React or Angular? Rails or Laravel?

The first idea is that programming languages are like instruments. We use instruments to play music, but you can interpret the same song with different instruments. It’s really hard to choose between programming languages, every language has its pros and cons. If you understand well the fundamental principles (music) it does not matter which instrument you choose.

The second idea is borrowed. Inspired from a great tweet from Edouard Harris. If you are starting to code learn a language that interests you or that is related to one of your interests (build videogames for example). Once you are getting more familiar you can learn a language with bigger business applications.

The third idea would be what is your purpose for learning a language during the quarantine. Do you just want to have fun? Do you want to land a new gig? Pure intellectual curiosity? Answering this question might be a big percentage of the answer you are looking for.

It does not matter what you learn this quarantine, stay safe and happy coding.


30 things I learned at my first job (Daniel Rojas)


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